Blueberry coffee cake 🧁

I’m on day 2 of my littlest being home sick this week. She’s had a fever on and off, so she just wants a lot of snuggles. I’ve accepted the fact that I’m not getting much done. So I’m basically at her side reading and I try to sneak off here and there to do laundry, clean, make beds, etc. …until she feels my absence and yells for me to come back. Aside from that my oldest has half days this week so she’s home by 11:30, and we are all still recovering from daylight savings time…..which basically means I have zero time without children and coffee is my best friend. But today I was craving some baked goods and coffee cakes hold a special place in my heart ♥️😍

I love love love *I Am Baker* and I honestly haven’t tried a recipe I didn’t liked yet! This coffee cake recipe I found on there uses fresh or frozen blueberries so it’s different than some of the more traditional plain coffee cakes. Every summer the kids and I go blueberry picking and fill the freezer with bags of blueberries to use for smoothies, baking, etc. so I still have plenty on hand to use. This recipe was really easy to follow and uses ingredients we all have in our kitchen.

Honestly SO easy to make! The cake comes out soft, light and not too dry & crumbly like many coffee cakes turn out, which is why my kids actually loved it! It did take me about 15–20 more minutes to cook through than the recipe said. I covered the top with foil to keep it from burning on top but the middle definitely needed the extra time to cook all the way. I did do the glaze, well actually my daughter did, and although she said she wished she made more (mostly because she licked the bowl when she was done) I think it was just the right amount. The crumb topping was already sweet so too much glaze would’ve been a lot for me.

This is one of those recipes to keep for potlucks or if you’re having company over since it’s made in a 9 x 13. You could make it the night before and have it in the morning with coffee. Or do what I did and it’s an excuse for an afternoon snack with coffee 😋☕️🍰

~Elena 💖