Pet Peeve Friday…let’s talk waiting room etiquette!

Ok friends, this edition of Pet Peeve Friday really gets me fired up! Much of our time is spent waiting….auto mechanics, business offices, schools, doctors appointments, etc. Sometimes waiting rooms are crappy, crammed and super uncomfortable. We may have to squeeze in seats between people, stand and at times I even sit with kids on my lap when there isn’t room. The other day I found myself in the Mecca of waiting rooms.

I mean this waiting room was a giant window lined room with seven or eight different horseshoe shaped sections of seats, sofas and loveseats. Each section had at least 15 spots for individuals. It was clean and spacious with coffee tables intermingled between the chairs. There was even a little coffee shop right outside the door. 🙌🏻☕️. I knew I would be there a while waiting so I walked all the way to the second to last section and sat by myself. If you saw my Instagram pic yesterday, I grabbed a coffee and brought a brand new book. The entire time I was there there weren’t more then ten people sitting and waiting at a time. So I of course went to a section without people, far away from people because that’s how I roll 💁🏼

You could imagine my shock and surprise when people decided to come not only sit in my general vicinity but a seat away from me or directly across from me. If there is a room full of open seats please do not go and sit next to a stranger who’s enjoying their peace and quiet! Ok you might be a people person so unlike me this wouldn’t bother you. So I dealt and continued reading my book while enjoying my coffee. For the most part they were pretty quiet and respectful thus far…..

But then it happened! Some lady came and sat in the seat directly across from me. She was loud and rambling out loud about how far it is to park and walk to the office. I look up from my book assuming she will surely see she’s being disruptive but clearly she did not. She then decides to take out her cell phone and phone a friend. And by phone a friend what I really mean is she Facetimed a friend! No joke! This lady preceded to have a ten minute LOUD FT conversation with her friend not five feet away from me while I was clearly sitting there reading. She did not get up or seek a private location but carried on an entire conversation right there until she was interrupted and called back for her appointment.

I was truly beside myself and continued to stare at this lady hoping she would get a clue. You might ask why I didn’t just get up and sit somewhere else. How dumb am I that I was worried about offending her by obviously getting up and relocating to get away from her. She clearly was not worried about offending me. I mean seriously! Let’s use this as a reminder to remember there are other people in the world around us and in waiting rooms 🙄 And if I’m there keep your distance, lol. Joking. No I’m really not joking 🤣

~💗 Elena