The Follow to Unfollow game on Instagram 🥴

Lately I’ve seen so many people posting irritated about losing followers and I feel their pain for sure. When someone follows us I always check to see their ratio of Followers to Following before I decide if I want to follow back . Listen I’m all for helping others grow but the selfishness is what gets to me. The game is what ticks me off.

So what’s the game you say?? Well if you’re trying to build your Instagram you’re fully aware of the game. Those people who seek you out and follow you, you being the kind person you are check out their page and reciprocate-follow them back only to find seven minutes later they’ve unfollowed you. 😡It’s downright nasty. Listen I’m all about organically getting followers and for sure you may have way more Followers than Following. I mean I’m always following people because I enjoy their content and have no thought of them following me back. I follow people for recipes, outfits or home decor and will continue to follow them even if they’ve never even looked at our page. But I’m specifically talking about those that follow hundreds of people a day just to turn around and unfollow them when they get their follow. I’m over it.

I’ve heard there are Apps people use, some are unreliable, some cost money and Instagram claims to be totally against them. We started just doing it on our own naturally. As we scroll through feed if we see a post before we go to ❤️ it, I just quickly click to the profile and see if the user is following us . If they are then great, they’re a decent human…if not then buh-bye. Unfollowed back at ya. Sometimes Insta gets mad 🤷‍♀️ #itiswhatitis

I’m disappointed to see how many users do this. I guess it surprised me how many totally self serving people there are in the world. Apparently it didn’t surprise Erin 😂 This was our text the other day when I was getting fed up 😬

Well that’s that! I would love to hear how others deal with it. We are all about helping others grow and will try our best to always reciprocate, we certainly don’t want to be shitty people 🤣!!

~Elena 💕