Top 10 Best Commercials during Super Bowl 2020

I’m going to be honest, this year I didn’t care at all who won the Super Bowl. So I was super excited about the food, the commercials and the half time show. The food was the only thing that didn’t disappoint!! The commercials in my opinion weren’t that good and the half time show was terrible! I felt awkward watching it with kids in the room. 🙈 It would have been much better with more clothes and less poles! 😬🤷‍♀️

With what little we had to work with here are our Top Ten Best Commercials of the 2020 Super Bowl.

1. Doritos

2. Google 😢

3. Cheetos

4. SodaStream

5. Pepsi

6. Snickers

7. Wal-Mart

8. Mt. Dew

9. Hyundai

10. Turbo Tax

Hope y’all had just as much fun as we had watching the Super Bowl! Congratulations to the Kansas City Chiefs, I think I heard it’s been a while since they were at the Super Bowl.

– Erin 🏈