Super Bowl 2019

Ok so last nights game was pretty boring, I was hoping for a little more excitement but whatever. 🤷‍♀️

Since the game was less than exciting I decided to make a list of my favorite commercials. The Ganz family was nice enough to have me over to watch the game and feed me delicious snacks. So with the help of their kids, here is my top ten Commercials of the 2019 Super Bowl.

10. Turbo Tax

9. Doritos

8. Google

7. McDonalds

6. Bud Light

5. Pringles

4. Pepsi

3. Audi (E-Tron)

2. Walmart

1. M&M

Other favorites were: Planters, Mint Mobile, Sprint, Burger King, and NFL 100.

Let us know your favorites because we may have missed a few with food and bathroom breaks! 😜

-Erin 🏈