Super Bowl 2021

Tampa Bay Bucs VS Kansas City Chiefs

Top 15 Commercials

I wanted the Tampa Bay Bucs to win and this is why!! It is what it is 💁‍♀️

Well Super Bowl Sunday was a lot different this year than the last several years for me. Not only because of the whole Covid thing but also because of the snow. I had decided I wanted Moe’s Southwestern Grill this year because I love tacos 🌮 and my girls love their queso dip. It had started snowing around 11am and was starting to get bad so I was afraid they would close early due to the weather and decided to leave around 4:30pm in hopes to get there before they closed. I made it there right before 5pm and I walked in the door and instead of hearing ‘Welcome to Moe’s’, I heard ‘I’m sorry we are closed’ 😡😖. Why was the door unlocked if you’re closed, I mean really?!🙄 Needless to say I had to quickly come up with a different idea so I ended up ordering pizza 🍕.

So I’m the girl who actually likes watching football, it’s not just about the half time show for me which is good because I was highly disappointed. This year the game was great, looking at Tom Brady was even better, but the commercials were not great (same as last year)! So yet again it was hard to come up with a top 20 best commercials of Super Bowl 55 so I had to text Elena to help me come up with a top 15.

Here is what we came up with.

Top 15 Best Commercials

15. M&M

14. Doritos 3D ( I mean it’s Matthew McConaughey)

13. Dr. Squatch 😳

12. Pringles

11. Bud Light

10. Mt. Dew

9. State Farm

8. Bud Light Seltzer

7. Hellman’s Mayo

6. T. Mobile

5. Uber Eats

4. Chettos Pop Mix

3. GM

2. Cabela’s/Bass Pro Shops

1. T Mobile with Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski ( it wasn’t played but it should have been so google it 😉)

– Erin