Recipe Review: One-Pan Garlic Parmesan Chicken and Vegetable Bake

I stumbled across this recipe on one of those sponsored posts on Instagram and totally forgot to print or save it. While I was grocery shopping I pulled my phone out to try to find it but couldn’t. I knew it was pretty easy and remembered the main ingredients. So I figured if I got the chicken, potatoes and broccoli that I probably had the other items on hand. When I went home I scoured the internet and couldn’t find it. I had mentioned the recipe to Erin and that I couldn’t find it, and finally gave up looking. Well of course she was able to find it and message it to me.

This was so easy and really delicious. The whole family ate it and loved it, which is usually not the case with 3 kids. For my family of five I used 3 large chicken breasts and cut them horizontally, giving me 6 equal size pieces of chicken. Other than that I followed the directions exactly. So depending on how many people you cook for you can easily alter this recipe. I baked it a few minutes longer than the recipe calls for to make sure the chicken was cooked through but it wasn’t dry at all. I myself found it a tad salty, but nobody else at my table agreed with me.

This one is definitely a keeper! Since it’s so easy and doesn’t require any crazy ingredient you have to search for and will never use again, it will surely be a new go-to meal in our house.

~ Elena