May Challenge 🏋🏼‍♀️

I cannot believe in less than a week it’s going to be May!! This year is flying by already and bathing suit season is quickly approaching! 👙So we thought it would fun to help each other out with a little challenge.

When the spring comes I usually work a little harder on abs and booty.(To be honest I’ve neglected my squats quite a bit lately 😫) Both Erin and I try to consistently do abs and squats with our regular workouts but it’s time to kick it up a notch. So we thought we would throw it out there for a vote. Once we decide we will post the challenge on the blog page, instagram and Facebook.

Let us know what you would prefer to work on……A 30 day Ab challenge or squat challenge?? Comment your preference.

Misery loves company right 🤣 Just kidding, let’s motivate each-other and we’ll all look amazing this summer! 💁🏼‍♀️

~Elena 💖


May Challenge 💪

Shout out to everyone who finished out April’s challenge with us!

We decided since swimsuit season is just around the corner we wanted to stay focused on our tummy/core and tone our arms. We did switch some things up a bit. Elena loves the squats but they are not my favorite so she gave in to me and switched to wall sits. We will continue to do planks but with a twist and for our arms we will do the upright row and overhead Tricep extension. At the bottom of the May calendar it will explain the plank and arm exercises.

Please post pictures of you doing our May challenge on Instagram
(follow us @elenaanderinblog) and don’t forget to tag us in them.



Mid-month Challenge Check-in

April’s challenge is so good so far!! The lunges are something I haven’t done in a workout routine in a while so I’m definitely feeling it. I was going strong all month. We went away for a couple of days and my oldest & I even laid a towel down on the hotel floor to get our crunches done. But I’m not gonna lie, I totally skipped yesterday 😩 It was such a busy day and after being away I was just exhausted. I got in bed and my daughter came in to say goodnight close to 10. I asked why she was still up and she said she just finished her workout. When she asked me if I got mine done she was more disappointed in me then I was in myself! She’s been so proud of herself for not missing a day, I definitely felt terrible at that point. I can miss a day here and there without it being an issue getting back in to a routine, but when you’ve got someone else counting on you. 😔 I definitely won’t do it again. I’ve never been one to need someone to help me hold myself accountable, I’ve always been hard enough on myself. But having someone to do it with and check in with really helps.

I hope everyone who’s joining in is going strong. We’re more than halfway there!!



April Challenge, Let’s GO

Happy Easter my friends!

So today is the day we start our April Challenge! We hope that you will join us as we tone up our bodies to get ready for our bikini’s. Well some of us can rock a bikini (Elena)! lol Maybe by the end of this challenge I’ll be ready, a girl can hope.
Like Elena had mentioned before in the last fitness post, if you are just getting back into exercise or this is your first challenge you may just want to focus on one or two things. I have noticed that I haven’t missed many days of working out since we started doing challenges together. I enjoy having someone to share the same workout to not only ask if you are doing it correctly but also if they are experiencing pain in certain areas because of the exercise. I don’t know how many days we complained of back pain doing leg lifts. Those were going to be the death of us, but we didn’t give up because we are NOT quitters!!
Let us know if you have any questions along the way. We would love to hear about your results!



April Fitness Challenge

We are both everything in ‘moderation girls’. Let’s be real…..we like food, we don’t do diets and some days we don’t even work out. To be totally honest neither of us has met a breakfast sandwich we don’t like, lol!

That being said we do both enjoy working out and feeling good about ourselves. We’ve been taking turns picking out a 30 day challenge online and that seems to help stay motivated through the month. The last 2 months we’ve struggled a bit because the challenges don’t seem to fit our needs and are often based on one part of the body. Instead of picking and choosing things from multiple challenges, we decided to put together our own challenge.

No two people are the same though……Erin tends to do more upper body and I’ve leaned more towards tummy toning. So going forward we will definitely change it up month to month to work on different areas of the body.

If this is your first challenge or you’re just getting back into exercise, you may want to just focus on one or two of the listed workouts. Do whatever feels comfortable, but join us! There’s no pressure and it’s always encouraging to know others are doing it right along with you.

Let us know what you think and if there are any exercises you would like to see us incorporate in future challenges. Xoxo E&E