June Fitness Challenge 💪🏼

Woohoo!! We made it through the May challenge. I feel much stronger and definitely have more muscle tone in my arms after consistently doing the arm workouts. But total disclosure….I hated those wall sits! Thanks for choosing those Erin 🙄. They were ok at first but mid month I had to start splitting the time because I just couldn’t hold it that long. But I did get it done and they won’t be on our June challenge! 😬

We are going to keep the arms going for June and you can decide if you want to add more weight or just stick with what you’ve been doing. I think I might go up a tad and see how that feels. We are switching up our crunches and doing bicycle crunches this month. These will work on our lower abs and sides while toning our thighs as well. Mountain climbers are taking the place of our planks. This one is great for total body. Get yourself in the plank position and alternate pulling your knees into your chest. Switch legs simultaneously like in a running motion. And last but not least jumping squats. My son thinks these are hilarious and cracks up every time I do them, lol. Just do a regular squat but when you come up go in a jumping motion with your arms straight up in the air.

I’m really excited for this June challenge. I hope you will follow along with us and let us know how you’re doing along the way!!