August Fitness Challenge

Summer is winding down and I cannot believe it’s August already!! I certainly indulge a lot more in the summer since I’m out and about with the kids all the time. I’m so thankful these challenges have kept me feeling good though. On the weekdays I’ve been getting up and working out before the kids are out of their rooms and asking for breakfast, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to find the time so easily. The other day we went out to dinner and I ate way too much!! At some point I joked that I had a food baby. Yesterday while I was getting dressed to exercise my 5 year old asked if I had to go to the hospital to get the food baby out😬 🤣😂 Oh my Goodness!

Last month we changed the challenge up a bit and this month I switched things around a little also. I really like the Sunday rest day…some weeks I’ve even used it for a different day if I wasn’t able to get a workout in so I like that flexibility. Instead of different counts every day I kept the numbers consistent but alternated workouts from day to day. I tried to focus on the workouts that I’ve noticed work the best for us. Both Erin and I started incorporating flutter kicks and ankle touches in to our workout mid month and we both agree we really feel them the most. With the flutter kicks I don’t lay flat, but hold my upper body up of the ground a bit and 🙌🏻 oh I can feel those abs working!

So we hope you join us for the month of August. Whether you are new to working out or just want to incorporate the challenge into what you already do please let us know what you think.

~💖 Elena