Fifty fun and frugal things to do with your kids this summer!!☀️

Every year around this time I get super antsy for school to be over. I think I’m excited to be able to relax a little without being so rushed in the morning, I want to spend more time with the kids and I want to not be so crazy on evenings & weekends with homework, sports and after school activites. But a few weeks into summer I wind up eating those words! The kids start driving me crazy 😖 They complain they’re bored, they fight like lunatics and the House gets super messy from them being home ALL THE TIME!!

Here in New England because of too many snow days the kids are still in school until the end of this week. So right now we are in the heightened crazy week of ‘end of year’ parties, teacher gifts, bringing home tons of crap 😬 and all the craziness that goes with all that. But next week I plan to get started on the right foot!

I’m a bit of a stickler for summer reading and chores around the house. So I have a bit of a schedule for our morning. If all goes well I’m hoping to work out first thing in the morning, then I want the kids to do some reading, their Bridge books and some helping out around the house. Once that gets done we are open to some fun outings, activities and they can have some electronic time. But the outings & activities can get monotonous at times and can also be super pricey if we don’t watch ourselves.

So to help force myself to become creative and also not lose my mind, I thought 50 ideas would be great! So myself and Erin throughout the summer will post what we come up with along with some pics during the activity. From time to time we will do them together with all 6 😳😱 of our kids combined and other times it will be separate. If you have any ideas you want to share let us know and tag us #ElenaAndErin !

☀️Happy Summer Friends! 😘