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I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the holiday season or it’s a Monday, but I found myself super emotional this morning watching the news. I had it on early this morning in the kitchen while I was making the kids lunches and starting the day. All the memories shared and tributes to the late President George H. W. Bush really brought me to tears. First and foremost he was such an exceptional man, President, husband, father, entrepreneur, etc. Then to listen to his friends and family share his final few days and moments is really just amazing. The way he interacted with family seemingly knowing these would be his last moments with them. His last words were spoken to his son President George W. in which they both said I love you to one another and that they would see each-other on the other side….oh my goodness I cried like a baby!

Losing a loved one is hard no matter what the circumstances, no doubt! And I think it’s safe to assume losing a parent is no different, difficult across the board whatever the age of the child or parent. But how amazing for the Bush family to be able to love him in the flesh for so many years! I mean 94 is pretty remarkable. He was here to watch not only his children, but also many of his grandchildren grow their families.

So of course I get emotional and a little sorry for myself having lost my father in my 20s. My children will never get to know first hand what an amazing man he was, although I make sure to share stories and speak of him often.

After my morning cry fest I got myself going and went to run some errands with a heavy heart. I get in the car to leave and when I turn the radio on an older song that reminds me of my dad is playing. When that song ends and a commercial comes on I quickly change the station. And to my surprise the next station is playing yet another song that brings back memories. Shortly after my dad passed away I made a CD of songs that meant something to him and reminded me of him. It was comforting to play them when I was missing him. And now since I got in the car 2 of those songs played in a row! I pulled in to the store I was going to, finished listening to the song and waited for my eyes to dry before going inside.

When I came out of the store and decided to head home my mind was totally clear and I wasn’t even thinking about the morning. I’m about halfway home and realize it’s super quiet in the car so I turn the radio back on. The first song I hear is Alan Jackson, When Daddy Let Me Drive. And then it hit me! I was getting a sign. I’m a firm believer in signs and have been that way my whole life. Signs from God. Signs from loved ones that have passed. Sometimes we can see them but most often it’s not until after some time has passed and we realize wow that happened for a reason! Well my dad taught me how to drive a lawn mower when I was young so I could help with yard work. A few years later my dad taught me how to drive a boat when we moved to a house on the water. And a few years after that at 15 my dad taught me how to drive in his pickup truck. That song has always made me tear up but this time I get it. This was my sign. Today I needed it. My dad will always be with me and someone was making sure I knew it & felt it. So I’m going to keep telling my kids those stories so he will always be with them too and be thankful for the time I did have with him ❣️

~Elena 💖