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Faith & Freedom Friday 🇺🇸

Not too long ago I read American Crusade by Pete Hegseth. I caught a clip of him promoting it on air and knew it was a book I needed to read. I’ve gifted it to others, lent it out and recommend it to anyone who truly loves America. I finished the book and felt so strongly about being fierce in showing just how much I love America. There’s so much divisiveness right now but surely people can’t hate you or criticize you for loving America right?! Well that’s not really true these days, I don’t feel love for America from my neighbors, from people I see on Facebook, people on the streets, people on the news…but you know what – that’s their problem not mine.

Reading that book started me on this whole buy & support America crusade. I’ve bought an unknown 😬 amount of hats, shirts, jewelry and various home decor items all sporting the flag and red white & blue. And I want more! I want to show my pride for our country every day. And I’m not the only one. I lent the book to Erin and shortly after she was finished she began redecorating her home in red, white & blue 😂 I promise you it’s addictive. It will get you fired up and Americanism will be your new motto! 🇺🇸

As I’ve said before I have a tiny addiction to graphic t-shirts and tank tops. I recently ordered one and was hoping to have it for July fourth but it came late. I still love it and have already worn it a few times. I’m trying to support businesses other than the usual Amazon, and also making sure things are made in the USA. This company is also veteran owned & operated👏🏻. There are so many great things on their site! They even have patriotic masks, swimsuits and a monthly shirt subscription club.

And of course my awesome teardrop necklace is from Beads by Bella and for only $8!!!

We’ve been talking a lot about being able to protect ourselves. We don’t need to make up crazy scenarios because we are inundated with them on the news daily. Pregnant woman and husband attacked while trying to pull out of a restaurant, lady attacked in an airport, flight attendant attacked, people having to defend their homes and businesses…it’s like we’re living in a crazy end of the world movie. I’m sure you all heard the 911 call of the mother who couldn’t drive with her child in the car because ‘mostly peaceful’ protestors were banging on her car, blocking her and then trying to get in & on her car. It’s terrifying and as a mother it brought me to tears listening to her voice crack as she begged for someone to help. The thought of not being able to protect my kids, of my kids being scared in the backseat is heartbreaking. We have guns and plan to carry but some scenarios obviously don’t call for shooting people ….as much as I may want to 😬. So we need alternative measures. What can you really do in this situation? I know the laws are different in each state and I also know if my family is in danger I want to do what I can to protect us. So I ordered pepper spray to keep in my car & purse. Not only did I order pepper spray but I ordered a patriotic spray bottle made in America! It’s a really cute little bottle, which is why I immediately gathered my children around to explain it is not a toy. My parents had given me one of these little bottles when I was in college, it’s definitely a must have for young women especially!

Some days I look online and I feel a little angry that others aren’t as outraged as I am about what’s going on in the world. Why are we all so quiet about it? Why are we just sitting quietly while cities are being destroyed and cops are being beaten physically and verbally? I want to step away, take a break from the news but at the same time I want to be outraged because none of it is ok. Our families recently went on a mini beach vacation together. We can’t go too far because CT has travel restrictions but we chose a beach a couple hours away. Every day as we set up our spot Erin immediately put two American flags on each side of us. It was like our own US embassy on this sprawling beach of college kids and families. We got some side eye and glares but most of all we got tons of thank yous! 👏🏻 People walked by us and some even went out of their way to say thank you and let us know how nice it was to see those flags blowing in the breeze. Many agreed that now more than ever we need to show our love for America. So we may not be able to speak up too much but we can show our love, support and pride for our country Every Single Day! 🇺🇸

~Elena 💖🇺🇸