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🇺🇸 Faith & Freedom Friday 🇺🇸 9/11/20

No better day then September 11th to share some patriotic, American made products and America loving businesses! And August was my birthday month so of course those who know me well stuck with my America theme! 🇺🇸

So many things to share so let’s get to it!

I’ve been hinting for months that I wanted Fox Nation and thankfully my husband actually listened. 😜 He signed me up for the subscription and I love it! I’ve watched a bunch of different shows/documentaries myself, but my son and I love Brian Kilmeade’s ‘What Made America Great’. Such an interesting and informative show. We’ve learned so much about our great nation. I had no idea the history behind the Vice Presidents house or the secret room in Mount Rushmore, and all the secrets hidden throughout the White House ….. episodes are short and we binge watch a few at a time. Especially great for teaching kids about our country in a fun way.

With my subscription came my next read….

I’m so excited to start this one! Great reviews and I recently watched the Dan Bongino podcast in which he interviewed Hannity about this book and it so timely. I just finished Dan Crenshaw’s book….

I can’t say enough good things about this book! So much good stuff on the current outrage culture, accountability and the softening of America. And before we move on from books I also got this one as a birthday present….

I love following Harris on Instagram. He cracks me up with his hats and airplane posts, and has so much good stuff to say. And his wife & daughters are absolutely gorgeous 💕 This one isn’t a really long read so I’m thinking it’s next for me.

As I previously mentioned we’ve added to our arsenal and with that decided to join the NRA. The free gift we chose with membership was the NRA pocket knife. Since I was little I’ve had a pocket knife obsession. I always had one in my pocket and would carve my initials in trees as I would climb to the top. I think I’ve passed that obsession on to my son and I’m usually stealing his to have one in my purse or my car. This one is small and can easily fit in my pocket or purse. Two downsides to this one though…1) the box says Made in China 😠 and 2) no clip to stick it on my jeans. So I’m in the market for my own (so I can give my son his back) that’s just the right size with a clip to attach to my waist band. Recommendations welcomed!

Next is another coffee company. Erin and I are both coffee lovers. So she knew she couldn’t go wrong with buying me coffee for my birthday. This coffee has been on my list to try as it is a veteran owned and operated company . Plus the packaging says it’s coffee for people who love America, and clearly that’s me🙋🏼‍♀️ This is the light roast and it is perfect!

Last for this post I want to share the new shirts both Erin and I ordered. We found an Etsy shop named Threadrock that makes some great patriotic gear out of NY. They have a ton of other stuff too but we were looking for some Thin Blue Line shirts. These are great quality, soft, women’s fit and shipped super quick. Erin ordered hers first and told me about it, I ordered and it arrived within 3 days.

I have so many more great products to share in the weeks ahead! We’ve had companies reach out to us about their products we should try and friends recommending businesses as well. So stay tuned there’s more to come and keep sending those recommendations our way!

~Elena 💕