April Fitness Challenge

We are both everything in ‘moderation girls’. Let’s be real…..we like food, we don’t do diets and some days we don’t even work out. To be totally honest neither of us has met a breakfast sandwich we don’t like, lol!

That being said we do both enjoy working out and feeling good about ourselves. We’ve been taking turns picking out a 30 day challenge online and that seems to help stay motivated through the month. The last 2 months we’ve struggled a bit because the challenges don’t seem to fit our needs and are often based on one part of the body. Instead of picking and choosing things from multiple challenges, we decided to put together our own challenge.

No two people are the same though……Erin tends to do more upper body and I’ve leaned more towards tummy toning. So going forward we will definitely change it up month to month to work on different areas of the body.

If this is your first challenge or you’re just getting back into exercise, you may want to just focus on one or two of the listed workouts. Do whatever feels comfortable, but join us! There’s no pressure and it’s always encouraging to know others are doing it right along with you.

Let us know what you think and if there are any exercises you would like to see us incorporate in future challenges. Xoxo E&E