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30 Day Challenge

We are excited for summer and working out harder to get swimsuit ready! πŸ‘™ β˜€οΈ Elena decided that I should come up with a 30 Day challenge for March three days before March. πŸ™„ So between working on Friday, basketball on Saturday, and church on Sunday I was finally able to finish it late last night.

We will be working out our abs and booty for the month of March. We pinned a lot of different workouts on Pinterest to help us come up with different things to try to get the best results for those areas.

I went with the Plank and Full Body Extension for the abs. For the Full Body Extension do as many as you can without bending your arms or legs. 3 sets resting 1 minute between sets. For the booty it’s all about the squats and lunges. Below is the 30 Day challenge if you would like to join in with us.

– Erin πŸ‹πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

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