Ok, I went ahead and tried Brandless for all those wondering if it’s as good as those ads we keep seeing!!

In my mission to organize my house and make things better & more efficient, I’m choosing something different every few weeks that I need to work on. Recently I bought a new utensil crock for my counter because the one I had was way too small and overcrowded!

I had my eyes on the Le Creuset one in white, the larger size. Unfortunately I’m too cheap to spend the $72 Macy’s was asking for something that simply holds things on my counter. It’s currently on sale for $50 but still 🤷‍♀️ So in searching I found another one! This one is a tad bigger than that one and perfect!! It’s the Martha Stewart utensil crock and it comes with a wooden divider that can be used at the top or squeezed down into the bottom if that works better for you. AND It’s on sale for $22👏🏻 so here’s the link:


Now that I got the holder I needed, my utensils looked all mismatched ….which means I need to buy more things of course! So like everyone else I’ve been seeing the ads for Brandless. The reviews look good and the prices can’t be beat so I decided to got for it. I ordered a box of 8 things and I think my total was like $27, which is amazing! They came quick and I was so impressed with the packaging and how nice they all looked. So far everything I’ve used seems like great quality and for $3 per item you just can’t go wrong. If my kids break it or accidentally burn a utensil then I don’t feel bad about having to throw it away and get a new one.

When you go on the website there are tons of other products as well ….from home goods & snacks to toiletries & baby products. And seriously for the price tag it’s worth trying different things and seeing what’s a keeper, I will definitely be ordering again!

After 🙌🏻
And how nice are they?!?!!


~Elena 💖

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