Elf on The Shelf πŸŽ„

I’m sure many of you, like at my house, have embraced the idea of The Elf on The Shelf. We got our elf years ago when my two oldest were babies and he’s continued to visit us every year,  even finding us when we moved over a thousand miles! Now I have a twelve year old non-believer/helper, a 9 year old who possibly believes or just plays along for the presents, and a 5 year old who just eats it all up. The excitement on her face alone every morning when she finds that little rascal is priceless. And like us you probably dread the cold, late night struggle to get out of bed and tend to said elf. At our house it’s a daunting task since we also have about  701 lights and decorations that need to be turned off or unplugged. So we usually doze off, and after getting up to take care of all of it there is no chance of a quick slumber. Hence the reason I’ve been exhausted when the 6am alarm goes off …..but it is what it is!

So back to the elf. I was under the pretense that the little guy (or girl now) was supposed to come to my house, see if my kids are being naughty or nice and fly back to Santa to report. The whole overall goal being to promote good behavior. And just to clarify I did check the book that came with our elf Hermie (yep the kids named him so not very original, but can you guess what movie it’s from??) and also double checked the official Elf on The Shelf website….

I’m all about promoting good behavior! With a very vocal tween, an only boy with severe middle child syndrome, and the sweetest little angel face wild child….. the bickering is out of control. And some days I couldn’t pay them to listen to me or do a darn thing I ask seventy five times. So Hermie flies at night only to return to some unusual hiding spot sometimes bringing a note and/or little surprises to reward good behavior. Seems like the original intent and makes sense to me.

Some of ya’ll though…..I’m baffled. I see elves making crazy messes in kitchens, writing on mirrors, pooping chocolate chips, drinking alcohol, tying up other toys and all kinds of craziness. Did you get your elf at a pawn shop or straight out of a detention center? LOL! I mean it’s cute and all, I often find myself laughing at the thought & creativity so keep sharing. Seems like you’re really having fun with it. But I can’t imagine finding the elf pooping on the kitchen counter is going to promote good behavior, so I’m gonna refrain.  I’m all about being playful and having fun, to each his own. But if I wake up to find elf turds across my kitchen counter, Hermie will have a one way ticket on the Polar Express!! πŸš‚

~Elena πŸŽ„

21 thoughts on “Elf on The Shelf πŸŽ„”

  1. I never really understood the reason for Elf on the Shelf until last week! LOL! I almost ruined it for my niece, LOL – but my SIL covered up my mistake VERY WELL so all it good, I think it’s a cute way to keep kids in check, for sure!


  2. I have never heard about the Elf on the Shelf, I guess this tradition has not made it to Europe (yet). Sounds like fun! I can only imagine how happy your little one must be to spot the Elf around Christmas time πŸ™‚ happy holidays!


  3. This is the first time I’ve understood Elf on the Shelf since I’m not surrounded by small children. Thank you for sharing, this was definitely amusing. I’m just glad I don’t have to join in… yet haha


  4. I love Elf on a Shelf! I used to use it all the time when I was a nanny. When we eventually one day have kids I want to bring it back πŸ™‚


  5. I am a non-believer who does not embrace the idea of this thing on the shelf but I am sure for those who do that this is a great article where they can identify with these beliefs and find much joy in them.


  6. I never knew what the reason behind the elf on the shelf is, but now I know, it’s nice to use this to promote good behavior, I didn’t have that when I was a child, but still it was known when it was christmas you need to be a good child unless you want Santa to not visit your house, but kudos to this action, and the best part is that it is kept simple.


  7. I never heard of Elf on the Shelf to this year, somehow it is very popular but I don’t understand it fully because we don’t have this tradition in Japan.


  8. I suspect the Elf tradition is an American one because I haven’t heard of it being used anywhere else. It’s a fascinating tradition and, from what I’ve read on the topic, it can be used in both positive and negative ways.


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