Anyone else tired of Thanksgiving leftovers?

One meal of leftovers and my kids have had enough! But the Thanksgiving meal seems never ending 😣 We did a pretty good job of finishing everything up over the weekend and then I made turkey soup with the last of the turkey. But after days of cooking and cleaning up after cooking, I just want easy fall meals! When I had my youngest a friend brought a meal and it was a taco soup that we all loved. It was really so good and I of course asked for her recipe. In 6 years and a few moves I misplaced it. I’ve seen so many posted here and there but none were ever as good or easy as hers. While I was searching through my Thanksgiving meal folder (yes I have one and Erin thinks it’s hilarious 🙄) I found it!! It must’ve gotten mixed in accidentally at some point which is why I have the folders, lol!

Ok so for the soup I used 2 pounds of ground turkey, or you can use ground beef. I just cooked it up with some minced garlic and a medium sized diced onion. Then I added 2 packets of taco seasoning, 2 packets of ranch and mixed it up. All done in the same pot so no big mess! Pour in 2 cans of corn, one can of diced tomatoes, one can of Rotel, and 3 cans of beans…I used black beans, red beans and pinto beans. No need to drain anything, your preference. I just let it all cook on medium for about 45 minutes. My kids topped theirs with shredded cheddar, sour cream and some crumbled up tortilla chips. So good and super easy!!

~Elena 💖

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