Chapter 6 A time to Reassess

A time to break down, And a time to build up.

In order for us to know if it’s a time to break down or a time to build up, we need to know what season we are in. We need to reflect on the past (where we have been) and where God is leading us. To reassess requires us to prayerfully seek God.

I know that I am in a season of rebuilding. I have more alone time than I like but it has allowed me to spend countless hours reassessing my life. I had a vision of how I thought my life would end up and unhappily ever after was not the plan! Lol

Now that I am in my rebuilding stage, it is so overwhelming that it is paralyzing some days. I feel like God is opening a door somewhere and it’s immediately shut and the rethinking begins. Sometimes I just want to throw in the towel and give up. But thankfully each day is a new day to start again and allow God to take the wheel.

One thing I know for sure in life is that you can’t force things. So I’ll continue to open doors to only have them close until the right door opens. All I can do is continue to pray that He will work out the details. My trust is in Him.

The Lord is with you, mighty warrior!

What doesn’t kill me, will only make me stronger! πŸ™ŒπŸ»


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