Chapter 5 A Time to Heal

Hope for the wounded

a time to kill and a time to heal .Ecclesiastes 3:3

In this chapter we learn about two types of wounds. The physical wounds, which sometimes take a while to heal and can be alleviated with modern first aid practices. Then there are wounds on the inside, unseen …which are the hardest to overcome. Whether emotional or relational they can be more complicated to heal.

God draws close to those who are wounded and broken hearted.

“Through His Holy Spirit, God comforts, encourages, and heals us in areas of our souls and spirits that medical science can’t explain.”

Throughout the chapter there are questions to help dig deeper and get you thinking. One of the questions that stuck out for me is ‘Which do you tend to heal from more quickly, the scrapes and bruises of life that people can see or the scrapes and bruises of life that people can’t see? ‘

I would definitely say the scrapes and bruises of life that people can see are much easier to heal from. People carry a lot of heavy things inside whether it is hidden sin, things that happened in their childhood, things that happened behind closed doors, or regrets from their past. It’s those things that eat at you, that make you question yourself, question others and cause you to have doubts. While some people are self destructive, others have had someone cause them hidden pain. The good news is there is hope if you draw close to Him.

Psalms 147:3 He heals the broken-hearted and binds up their wounds.

The same God that opened the eyes of the blind, allowed the deaf to hear, and the crippled to walk can heal your wounds!

Entrust yourself to God as your healer.


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