I got an Instant Pot!

For my birthday last month I finally got an Instant Pot. It sat in the box on my kitchen floor for a couple of weeks and my intimidation grew. We had family come and visit, for some crazy reason I felt that was a great time to open it up and give it a try. I opened the box, washed everything and did all the pre-use stuff but I felt really clueless. I searched online and found a BBQ chicken recipe which seemed fairly easy. It didn’t go so good. 😫 I thought I followed the directions exactly but when I opened up to check out the finished product it was still half raw 😱 So I followed the steps again and this time it cooked through but it was pretty watery and didn’t really save me any time. I was beginning to think the Instant Pot wasn’t for me.

About a week later I finally got up the nerve to try it again. I chose a pulled pork recipe I found in my Instant Pot Cookbook (pictured below). It came out incredible! Seriously the pork just fell apart without me having to shred much and it wasn’t at all dry. At this point I still didn’t really feel like I knew what I was doing but at least I’m moving in the right direction. I’ve joined a few online IP groups and follow along. I’ve also started pinning recipes to try on Pinterest and follow some IP recipe boards. If the recipe doesn’t tell me exactly what buttons to push when ….then I’m totally at a loss. I see all these posts of people who are just winging it and trying new things in there, I’m nowhere near there yet!

Third times a charm they say! So the other day I decided to try it again and found a recipe for Instant Pot Honey Garlic Chicken (recipe link below). This came out AMAZING!!! The recipe was really simple to follow and start to finish 20 mins, no joke! I served over rice and my 8 year old son who complains about everything I make lately, had 4 helpings!!

I’m not giving up. Minus the anxiety -since this is still new to me, this certainly makes dinner so quick and easy with the right recipes. I will keep learning, trying and sharing along the way! 💖


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