Bible Study: Chapter 1- A Time for Everything πŸ¦‹

For our new study we have chosen the Women of Faith series study guide, A Time For Everything: Discovering the Beautiful Rhythm of Life. I love the layout of this series. We don’t have to flip back and forth to answer questions and I feel as though the questions make us reflect more on our own lives without being repetitive. I love reading Bible excerpts and comparing them to my own life, but I also want the study to help me better myself. As a parent we go through so many stages all different in their own right. So I’m really excited to get started and reflect on the seasons of my life as a parent, wife, friend, etc. as we go through this study.

“God’s timing is not our own. Rest assured that God has a time for everything under heaven. And He is with you every step of the way.”

Chapter 1 tells us to reflect on the seasons of the year as in comparison to seasons of our lives. I love the seasons, all 4 of them. I’m always ready for a change when they near the end….change of clothes, temperatures, holidays, decor and activities. Each season has its pros and cons but they all have something special about them. I have to admit I don’t feel the same way when I think about seasons in life. In life, change scares the heck out of me! I love order, schedules and routines. Changes in life are often preceded or followed by the unknown. The unknown makes me anxious. I don’t like to play out scenarios because there’s too any variables. So all too often when the possibility of change is near me I avoid it. I don’t want to talk about it or think about it. But once I come through whatever the life change is I realize it’s all good. I made it and no doubt God carried me through.

“Every season of life provides an opportunity to learn something more about God. Though we don’t always get to choose our season of life, we can always choose to call out to God and worship Him in the midst.”

Right now we are knee deep in summer. Hot, humid days here in New England, we’ve had some days approaching 90 degrees. But in the season of my life I would probably say I’m currently in winter. I’m in a bit of a hibernating stage. Not really looking to be social but instead focusing on my family & myself. For me that’s not hard because I’m a bit of an introvert (ok really a lot of an introvert 😬). Some seasons have been harder than others and when my kids were littler, my husband at work and me home taking care of them I felt lonely at times and wished for more adult social interaction. But I managed and became a better parent because I focused on them at the time. Now socializing is the farthest from my mind and my priorities have shifted a bit. So although some of the seasons seem harder than others for various reasons, looking back I can see how God uses them to make us better and bring us closer to Him.

What I’ve taken out of this chapter is to trust that whatever season we are in or phase of life we’re dealing with, God has us there for a reason. Trust in Him. He knows what He is doing and in due time we will reflect and say ‘oh, I get it now!’


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