July Fitness Challenge

Summer is here!! β˜€οΈπŸŒ» I’m enjoying lots of treats with my kids and a fruity cocktail here and there 🍹 So I need to make sure I’m working out consistently these days. But I’m feeling the daily challenges are getting a little monotonous for me. I’ve been doing them but I just feel like a little change will be more motivating. So Erin had this bright idea that we change up our workout days instead of doing the same routines daily. Easy for her to say when I’m the one who actually does the typing up of these things πŸ™„πŸ€£

I figure most of us ladies want to work on one body part more than the other, so I tried to cover the bases …. arms, legs & abs. I’m totally out of my league talking about arm workouts but over the last 2 months I’m excited about how my arms have changed with the simple workouts we’ve been doing, so I’ve kept those going on arm day. I’m a total rookie so I started with 5lb. weights and have moved up to 8lbs. For the legs I picked lunges to take a break from all the squatting and jumping we did last month, lol. The abs are my absolute fave! I love the sitting punches and always finish my workouts with them. I do them sitting with my legs off the ground and can feel them working so much better.

I also decided to throw some cardio in there to keep us moving. I know some people don’t do any cardio but I find I have so much more energy throughout my day even if I only do 10 or 15 mins on my treadmill. I picked jumping jacks because Erin said she doesn’t like them since they make her feel like she’s in grade school and high knees because my kids think I’m saying hiney 🀣 No but seriously, they both are great exercises that work multiple muscles as well as getting our hearts pumping! And Sunday’s are rest days so you don’t hate us 😬 Ok, workout with us and let us know what you think!

~ Elena πŸ’–

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