Chapter 8 This Too Shall Pass

This chapter was totally meant for me, as I’m currently going through a period of change. Change isn’t always a bad thing. Things change and it’s time to move on. I feel like some changes are exciting….like moving to a different state, buying a new house, taking a new job, or cutting your hair off! But it’s the life changing, painful changes that are hard to go through.

This Chapter reassured me that this too shall pass. We all go through seasons in our lives. We may have a bad season which helps prepare us for our good season. Let’s face it, if we only had good seasons we would think highly of ourselves and become prideful. It’s good to go through bad times because that’s when God humbles us and transforms us.

Here are Elena and my highlights for Chapter 8:

‘In this life whatever exists now, or will exist in the future, is not permanent, but temporary.’

and it shall come to pass… Genesis 4:14 KJV

‘God wants us to enjoy all of life-not just it’s destination, but also the trip itself.’

‘Since we are going to spend our entire lives waiting for something, we should learn to enjoy life as it unfolds. If we don’t, life will pass us up and we will never enjoy where we are right now.’

‘We have to realize everything we are going through at the moment will one day pass and we will enjoy the fruit of our labor.’

‘These trying times help us get more deeply rooted in God. They work humility in us and cause us to be very thankful when the blessings come.’

‘God doesn’t always change those people we want Him to change; instead He often uses them to change us.’

Meyer explains that the devil offers us two lies.

1) The forever lie– that negative things in our life will be that way forever.

2) The never lie– that if the positive things ever do change, we couldn’t stand it.

The truth is that sooner or later everything changes. We have to put our trust in Him because bad things don’t last forever, they often lead into way better things.

There is a reason that Elena and I live by the words ‘it is what it is‘! Things change, people change, surroundings change. It is what it is because we know that God doesn’t change and our hope is in Him. God is good!


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