Recipe Review: One-pan Chicken and Potatoes with Snap Peas…..except I used green beans.

Hopefully all of you mamas out there had a wonderful Mother’s Day and didn’t have to do any cooking! I didn’t and it was awesome. That was my one Mother’s Day request, I did not want to cook all day. We went out for brunch after church and had Chinese takeout for dinner… cooking or dishes! But Saturday evening I decided to try a new recipe and it was so delicious!

There aren’t many magazines I love and will read from cover to cover. And I often rip out recipes here and there but rarely ever make them. I seriously have a box of recipes I’ve torn from magazines/newspapers or off of food boxes and just never get around to them. One day I’ll go through them, after I finish updating the baby books and photo albums, lol!!😜
But I’ve subscribed to Kraft Food & Family for years and absolutely love it! The recipes are realistic with ingredients you can easily get at your regular grocery store and they always offer suggestions for what you can serve with or ways you can alter the recipe. I actually just keep the entire magazine instead of ripping recipes out because there are just so many good ones in each issue.

The recipe I tried is called One-Pan Chicken and Potatoes with Snap peas. I didn’t have snap peas on hand but had just purchased fresh green beans so I decided to substitute rather than run to the store. I used a store brand Italian dressing I had in my pantry and golden potatoes instead of fingerling. I followed the recipe and tossed the green beans in for about the last 15 minutes of cooking time, they came out perfect! No joke, I was trying to clean up the kitchen when the kids kept running back in to grab every last green bean off the pan. It really was so easy and delicious. This ones a keeper!!



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