Chapter 7 Cast your care, not your responsibility

I struggle not living with guilt and condemnation. I am just one of those people who doesn’t like to follow rules, love pushing my limits, and living life on the edge. It’s just who I am, ok! 🤗 The only problem with that is that everyone else has a problem with it. Over the years people love to point out my mistakes and tell me who and how I should be. Which then makes me feel guilty and causes me to overthink everything.

In this Chapter Meyer talks about casting our care upon Him. She explains that casting is a violent word which means to throw, hurl, arise, send, and drive out. So we need to get spiritually violent. Some of that violence is expressed in our ‘absolute refusal to live any longer under guilt and condemnation, which can actually be worry about past mistakes.’

Some of us want to change people by making them feel guilty for their mistakes or choices. Here is what Meyer has to say about that…

‘People can NOT change people. Only God can change people.

‘It’s the Holy Spirits job to bring conviction to sinners

It’s not my job and it’s not your job to make people feel guilty. So let’s stop trying to change people and let God do His work in us and in others.

We spend too much time worrying over situations in our lives and not enough time praying for God’s will to be done in our life. What we want or how we think the situation should go isn’t always what God wants for us. I know when I worry and have all these life problems thrown at me I become a monster. I just have to fix it and I drive myself crazy over all the different ways I can try to get it worked out. I know personally I need to do a better job at resting in God’s word and completely handing it over to Him. I need to praise Him in the good and bad times. I have three girls who are watching the way I handle hard times. I know I need to set the example of how I trust in Him during the storms of life.

‘Biggest problem for most Christians is their inability to distinguish between God’s will and personal ambition.’

‘ The Bible teaches we are not to give in to such “evil tendencies” (James4:6), but rather to continue to bear fruit, giving thanks and praise to God even in the midst of negative circumstances.’

‘It’s our responsibility to cast our care upon the Lord, trusting Him, praying without worrying, continue in obedience, bear good fruit, and offering Him the sacrifice of praise.’



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