Mid-month Challenge Check-in

April’s challenge is so good so far!! The lunges are something I haven’t done in a workout routine in a while so I’m definitely feeling it. I was going strong all month. We went away for a couple of days and my oldest & I even laid a towel down on the hotel floor to get our crunches done. But I’m not gonna lie, I totally skipped yesterday 😩 It was such a busy day and after being away I was just exhausted. I got in bed and my daughter came in to say goodnight close to 10. I asked why she was still up and she said she just finished her workout. When she asked me if I got mine done she was more disappointed in me then I was in myself! She’s been so proud of herself for not missing a day, I definitely felt terrible at that point. I can miss a day here and there without it being an issue getting back in to a routine, but when you’ve got someone else counting on you. 😔 I definitely won’t do it again. I’ve never been one to need someone to help me hold myself accountable, I’ve always been hard enough on myself. But having someone to do it with and check in with really helps.

I hope everyone who’s joining in is going strong. We’re more than halfway there!!


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