April Challenge, Let’s GO

Happy Easter my friends!

So today is the day we start our April Challenge! We hope that you will join us as we tone up our bodies to get ready for our bikini’s. Well some of us can rock a bikini (Elena)! lol Maybe by the end of this challenge I’ll be ready, a girl can hope.
Like Elena had mentioned before in the last fitness post, if you are just getting back into exercise or this is your first challenge you may just want to focus on one or two things. I have noticed that I haven’t missed many days of working out since we started doing challenges together. I enjoy having someone to share the same workout to not only ask if you are doing it correctly but also if they are experiencing pain in certain areas because of the exercise. I don’t know how many days we complained of back pain doing leg lifts. Those were going to be the death of us, but we didn’t give up because we are NOT quitters!!
Let us know if you have any questions along the way. We would love to hear about your results!


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