Mommy moments…

We’ve all been there, one of those moments where your heart feels so full and you don’t know how you are so Blessed!

I always remind myself that the kids all go through stages and they will pass. While you’re in them it feels like there’s no end in sight but after the fact they just mark a period of time. Like now we often refer to ‘the stage where Bella wouldn’t wear anything with tags’ or ‘the stage Bella would have terrible fits anytime we left the house and she needed to put socks on’ or ‘the stage when we felt like we would still be wiping our sons butt in high school😲.’ Parenting is hard! These days my son is my toughest by far. He has severe middle child syndrome and besides being the middle child he’s sandwiched in between two girls. I’m told he’s delightful everywhere else, but at home he’s mouthy, defiant and seriously argues about everything.

When my oldest started school I would write lunchbox notes daily. She loved every one of them and would make sure to tell me if I’d forgotten. She got herself a little sandwich bag to keep them all together in her lunchbox. So years later…….I still try my best to do them as often as possible until she gets too cool and asks me to stop. I make 2 lunches every morning, so of course I do the same for my son. He on the other hand never comments on my lunchbox notes. I put his in a sandwich bag and keep them in the lunchbox pocket as well.

Today I pick my kids up from school and as they get in my oldest says “mommy did you hear C.J. was crying at school.” I of course hadn’t and asked what happened. He tells me he left lunch and realized his bag of notes was no longer in his lunchbox. At this point he’s getting choked up telling me how he was worried they were thrown in the garbage and was in the hall crying. So he went back to look for them. I mean this little rascal who often brings me to tears with his attitude is now crying because he thought he had forever lost his little bag of lunchbox notes! Lunchbox notes that he never even acknowledges… my heart about burst. I teared up listening to his little voice cracking as he’s telling me how they were gone. Needless to say when he got to the lunchroom the bag of notes was there on the floor and are now back safely in his camo lunchbox.

Parenting is hard friends! But they are listening, watching, paying attention….some stages are harder then others and you’ll cry, you’ll vent to your husband & girlfriends and you’ll pray hard. But this too shall pass and along the way there will be little signs that we are on the right path…so I’ll keep on writing my lunchbox notes 💖


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