Bible Study- Chapter 1: Jesus and Peace

When we were out shopping for this new Study this book really hit home for us. We are both pretty anxious people to begin with and starting this blog together brought on even more anxiety. So we figured this Study would be really helpful now more than ever.

After reviewing Chapter 1 together we both have similar opinions on this new study. This book is definitely laid out much different from what we’ve done in the past, so that’s going to take some getting used to. I also struggled a bit when I started the questions in the back because I felt there were a whole bunch of readings to review all at one time. Once I read through and got to the questions I wasn’t able to remember which reading said what. So I’m thinking going forward I’ll focus on reading them more for content and less for trying to remember things word for word.

Chapter one is pretty brief and a good introduction to what’s ahead. The 2 biggest things I take from it thus far are:

1. God doesn’t say we will lead a trouble free life


2. Believing and trusting is what really gets us through the difficult times and anxiousness

Next week Chapter 2: It’s OK to Lighten Up!

To be honest I’m sure Erin will have something snarky to say about me benefiting from this next chapter! 😜


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