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Sometime last fall we decided we were both really interested in doing a women’s Bible Study…but at the same time neither of us is really into big group settings. On top of that we are both pretty anxious about sharing and talking in front of people. So we had this bright idea (well I did 😜) that we start our own Bible Study. We went to the Christian bookstore and decided on a Women of Faith Friendship Study and it was a success!! We had so much fun with it and really enjoyed growing in our friendship. We also discovered some ways we can be better friends to others and learned to appreciate other friends who have been there for us.

So we finished that study and were ready to dig into another ….we headed over to Barnes & Noble this time. The lady assisting us had no idea what a Bible Study was and kept directing us to the actual Bibles, lol. With coffee in hand and one impatient 5 year old we finally found the book on our own.

Be Anxious for Nothing by Joyce Meyer is what we chose. We look forward to starting it next week and hope you will pick up a copy to follow along.

This book is laid out different from the last study. Each chapter has an accompanying study guide section in the back. We will try to stick with one chapter a week. Grab some friends or just yourself and we’ll all try to get over our anxiety together!


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